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Energetic Healing Haircut Experience

An intentional haircut experience like no other, capturing all the senses using the power of energy healing, adaptogens, aromatherapy, and visuals to enhance the haircutting ritual, and release what is no longer serving you.

What can I Expect during the ENERGETIC Haircut Experience 

Your 2 hour ​experience with Bethany will go like this 


✨Warm aromatic oil scalp treatment and brushing ritual.

✨We will then set the Intention for this magical experience with some hot tea, our very own Space herbal tea blend, while gazing at the relaxing visuals and atmospheric lighting. 

 ✨Next the Reiki session begins, your chakras will be balanced, you will release what no longer serves you and now are prepared for the haircut ritual.


✨At that time your hair is cleansed and the haircutting ritual will begin.  After your haircut we will  sip on a grounding adaptogen drink and share some chocolates.

✨You will leave feeling lighter, and more like the moment

This Booking Button is Specifically for The Energy Haircut Experience, all other appointments must use the Booking Button in the menu.

Why should I get an energy healing haircut?

This haircut experience is more of an elevated relaxing moment. It is meant to be done with the change of seasons or when you are needing a shift to release old energy.

Your hair is a timeline of energetic moments it can show stress, nutritional imbalances, hormone imbalances, life moments. The longer your hair is, the older the energy. 

A self care experience like this is so important. When we are performing so many tasks for others in our everyday lives, it's important to take time for ourselves so we are recharged an capable of giving and recieving more.

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